Closing Strategies For Automotive Sales Training

All seasoned salesmen know that there are not short cuts to closing a deal. You begin closing the deal when you walk out on the lot. Skipping a step in the procedure can cost you the sale and can possibly send your customer to your competitor. There are a few closing strategies that you may want to consider when you are trying to make the sale. These can make the difference between closing the deal and closing the door on your career.Automobile Sales Training Insists that First Impressions are KeyWhen you stop onto the lot to greet your customer, they first impression they get will determine whether they purchase on your lot. If you rush onto the lot trying to beat other salesmen to the punch, you are going to tell your customer that you are desperate for a sale and will say or do anything to make the sale. Everything you do, the way you look and the language you choose will help the customer make their decision. Try not to lose your customer with technical jargon unless they want to know specifics and always greet them with a smile and a handshake. This tells them you are happy they came.Automotive Sales Training – Building a RapportAfter you have greeted your customer and given them the best first impression you can possibly give, you must begin building a rapport with them. This means making some small talk before you go in for the kill. Maybe get the main customer to introduce the rest of his party or act as though you have seen them both somewhere before. This opens up the lines of communication and is important in building trust and respect. Ask them about why they are looking for a car. Build from there on other aspects such as type of car they want and maybe even what kind of payments they are expecting to pay. This gives you an idea of the type of car to steer them towards.Auto Sales Training says take them on a Test DriveWhen your customer wants to test drive the car, go with him. While you are gone it gives you the chance to point out more luxury features that are only visible when the car is running. Maybe you can point out how quiet the car is, how well the air conditioning works or maybe even the inflatable driver’s seat for comfort. Taking the drive with them allows you to spend more time with them to convince them to make the purchase.