Advertising to the Senior Marketplace

With our economy being what it is today, businesses of all sizes must be even more careful spending those hard- earned advertising dollars. Where to advertise, and how to advertise, have always been the questions.  Needless to say, no matter what media advertising rep you speak to, they will tell you to advertise with them, but how do you know if what they are telling you is true.  After all, you are getting ready to make a large investment, and do expect a good return on your money.  The problem is that there is a better than even chance that you’ll be wasting your money.These are some suggestions that might help you:1.  Pick the right media to advertise in.  Do your research as to the demographics they reach, and if exposure to these consumers will be beneficial to you.2.  Once you have picked the correct media (broadcast, print, etc.), and the company you are thinking of advertising with, check them out.  The best way is to contact a few of their existing advertisers.  Also, be sure to find out the percentage of their existing advertisers who have been continuously advertising with them for two years or more.  This is important because if the percentage is high, the advertisers should be happy with the results of advertising.  If the percentage is low, save your money. 3.  Get the most bang for the buck by making sure the media you use will give you the most exposure. 4.  Determine what is being offered when deciding where to spend your money.  Is the advertisement design included in the quoted rates, the size of the ads being offered, how many times will your ad appear, will the ad be in full color or black and white, and if the ad will also appear on-line are all important when making your decision.4.  Consider advertising your product or service to people who are 50 and over.  Our seniors are the segment of the US population that still have money to spend. One last thing to think about.  How is the company you are thinking of advertising with doing during these tough economic times?  If they are having to downsize, that might mean that their advertising revenues are decreasing.  You might want to ask yourself why.  If they have happy advertisers, why would their advertisers stop running their ads.  Happy advertisers make happy media companies.  Unhappy advertisers mean wasted advertising dollars!  Today’s Senior Magazine’s web site, that contains information about seniors, is at