Closing Strategies For Automotive Sales Training

All seasoned salesmen know that there are not short cuts to closing a deal. You begin closing the deal when you walk out on the lot. Skipping a step in the procedure can cost you the sale and can possibly send your customer to your competitor. There are a few closing strategies that you may want to consider when you are trying to make the sale. These can make the difference between closing the deal and closing the door on your career.Automobile Sales Training Insists that First Impressions are KeyWhen you stop onto the lot to greet your customer, they first impression they get will determine whether they purchase on your lot. If you rush onto the lot trying to beat other salesmen to the punch, you are going to tell your customer that you are desperate for a sale and will say or do anything to make the sale. Everything you do, the way you look and the language you choose will help the customer make their decision. Try not to lose your customer with technical jargon unless they want to know specifics and always greet them with a smile and a handshake. This tells them you are happy they came.Automotive Sales Training – Building a RapportAfter you have greeted your customer and given them the best first impression you can possibly give, you must begin building a rapport with them. This means making some small talk before you go in for the kill. Maybe get the main customer to introduce the rest of his party or act as though you have seen them both somewhere before. This opens up the lines of communication and is important in building trust and respect. Ask them about why they are looking for a car. Build from there on other aspects such as type of car they want and maybe even what kind of payments they are expecting to pay. This gives you an idea of the type of car to steer them towards.Auto Sales Training says take them on a Test DriveWhen your customer wants to test drive the car, go with him. While you are gone it gives you the chance to point out more luxury features that are only visible when the car is running. Maybe you can point out how quiet the car is, how well the air conditioning works or maybe even the inflatable driver’s seat for comfort. Taking the drive with them allows you to spend more time with them to convince them to make the purchase.

The Automotive Industry Crisis is a Customer Service Crisis

“If we are not customer driven, nor will our cars be.” Henry FordAs you read this article, I believe you will discover the real key to true greatness. The key is to be of service to others. No matter who you are, if you are breathing you are in customer service in one way or another. The concept of service has not been understood by most people. Whether you are Madonna, or Billy Graham, you are in customer service. We are all rewarded materially based on the pleasure or service we bring to others.What do all the great ones have in common? They have an attitude of being of service instead of being self-serving. They all serve their audiences or customers with impeccable excellence which resulted in them becoming great.THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY CRISIS
We have a crisis in this country underlying the financial crisis. I believe that it is at the root of the present financial crisis. It is called the CUSTOMER SERVICE CRISIS! The word crisis in Chinese means danger yet opportunity. We definitely have lots of opportunity to improve in our nation in the area of customer service. I think it is the real financial problem we face today. I am not an economic genius, but I am a customer service expert. I am tired of watching people put band-aids on economic cancer. So I am writing a series of articles which will get to the root of the economic problem and if heeded could help turn this crisis around.AMERICA WAS BUILT ON SERVICE, BUT TODAY WE HAVE BECOME “SELF-SERVING!”We have a service crisis that has caused a financial crisis in everything from banking to housing, and of course, automotive.With GM, Chrysler and others bleeding, and people losing their livelihoods and retirements you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see it. Have you had any poor customer service lately? Cold food or dirty restrooms, Late deliveries, Defective parts, Unfulfilled orders, Lazy, rude staff (this is epidemic!!!)I started out in the auto industry in the mid 70s or what we now call the good old days. I was working for the largest GM dealership in Alaska and one of the largest in the country. This was when GM was GM! I started out washing cars (or busting suds as we use to say). I eventually moved up and became a corporate trainer for the SOUTHEAST Automotive group. One thing I noticed over the years was the deterioration of customer service in the automotive industry. My first boss was a thirty year company man that was customer driven and he constantly reminded us that without a customer we would all be unemployed!I drank the kool-aid, I believed him. But as the years passed, I noticed that the customer started to become more of a statistic on a graph in a conference room where strategies for up-selling and getting more out of each transaction at the point of sale was the goal. At the same time we were cutting back on quality and service! “Higher profits” – less service became the mantra. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe in profit. But I believe what my good friend and mentor Dr. Ken Blanchard has said about it; “Profit is the applause we get for taking care of our customers…”If We Are Not Customer Driven, Then Our Cars Won’t Be Either!” Henry Ford

How to Advertise Your Start-Up Without Hiring an Expert

Most first-time business owners are all about marketing and advertising their start-up. The most common question that begs answering is “how do I advertise my start-up?”Most seasoned advertising experts are full of bright advertising ideas for prospective advertisers. They start talking about the impact of a strong social media presence that will cost next to nothing *cough*fees*cough*, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in generating advertising revenue, hiring a top-notch sales and marketing team, how websites are the new marketplace and how 24/7 customer service will take your start-up to the next level.For the most part, they’ve got the advertising part down pat – that’s their job, after all. Their aim is to make prospective advertisers believe that their start-up will boom if they pay the “experts” just a little bit more than they planned to invest in advertising.But what about those businesses (and we’re talking about most businesses here) that don’t have the resources to invest in advertising expertise? There are always free marketing and advertising tips to be found online although they can be quite repetitive and redundant. How do you sift through the free expert tips in order to find a way to advertise your business in an original and effective way?How do you advertise and promote your start-up?The truth is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to your advertising dilemma. If it were that easy to advertise and promote a business, advertising professionals would be out a job and we’d lose a whole industry to redundancy.Of course, there would still be companies or potential advertisers looking for people to do the advertising job for them – but as we’ve established, most business start-ups simply don’t have the capital to invest in expert opinions and output.Traditional advertising is still viableExperts today have shifted a lot of their focus away from traditional advertising methods. While this viewpoint is in line with much of our contemporary culture, it loses sight of some of the tried and true paths of delivery still maintain viability. “Old fashioned” tools such as business cards, yellow page ads, and even embroidered shirts for staff cannot be replicated in an online environment.What advertising potential are you missing out on if you don’t consult an expert?Advertising strategies are what makes each professional in the advertising field different. Not everyone can be an expert in SEO, just like experts in TV and print commercials are light years apart.If you have the option of hiring and working with a particular expert, then you’ve got to make sure that their advertising strategy isn’t the antithesis of the market you’re trying to capture.It doesn’t make sense to concentrate on social media advertising, for example, when your primary users are senior citizens. There are a select few who will appreciate your ingenuity but how do you effectively capture the bulk of your target audience? Having an expert in your corner to help you sift through all the strategies out there will save you time and unnecessary expense.Getting down to it – advertising strategy customized to your start-upHere are the things that a seasoned advertising expert will need to ask you about your start-up in order to figure out what your start-up needs:
Who is your target market?
What is the perceived value of your product or service?
How do you translate perceived value into sales?
Those three questions will go a long way in helping you figure out how to best advertise your start-up. Once you understand your market fully – you’ll also know which advertising strategy would work best in getting their attention and translating that attention into sales and revenue.